There will be a ZR News update for October. 

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Cal is old.  Pass it on.

The sounds they are making is probably exactly like THIS but with  posh British accents.

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Dorothea Wilson has joined the roster.  What roster, you ask?  You’ll just, uh… have to wait for the book that will probably come out never

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Hey, look, it’s a reference of sorts!…. I still need to finish Thea’s character ref sheet whoops.

#TBT and art block!

Welcome to 2004 where the meme of this comic always was “I came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now”

I’ll always be fond of Project Gakuen :’)

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I was feeling nostalgic so I drew the ultimate TISA crack ship.  The  anti-virus and the task manager. 

Clearly a better match than anti-virus x Trojan

Drawing this made me realize Cal’s characters have a thing for huge boobs

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nm, you?

"Um. Uh. Yeah, that is totally not a sock…. Hi, my name is Rio, and I’m a pit of mashed assholes."

Look who got an upgrade??

This was Mim’s design exactly 1 year ago


I’ll finish coloring in the finer details later.  Photoshop kinda crashed after I finished coloring her in the first time so flat colors to the rescue~

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