Dorothea Wilson has joined the roster.  What roster, you ask?  You’ll just, uh… have to wait for the book that will probably come out never

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Hey, look, it’s a reference of sorts!…. I still need to finish Thea’s character ref sheet whoops.

#TBT and art block!

Welcome to 2004 where the meme of this comic always was “I came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now”

I’ll always be fond of Project Gakuen :’)

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I was feeling nostalgic so I drew the ultimate TISA crack ship.  The  anti-virus and the task manager. 

Clearly a better match than anti-virus x Trojan

Drawing this made me realize Cal’s characters have a thing for huge boobs

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nm, you?

"Um. Uh. Yeah, that is totally not a sock…. Hi, my name is Rio, and I’m a pit of mashed assholes."

Look who got an upgrade??

This was Mim’s design exactly 1 year ago


I’ll finish coloring in the finer details later.  Photoshop kinda crashed after I finished coloring her in the first time so flat colors to the rescue~

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One day I will read the plot and rules of the OCT before I create the character.

Today was not that day.

His name is/was Warlo or something.

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Guess who’s back… back again… Dana’s back… tell a (living) friend.

Yep.  Find out what Moonchild may have inadvertently inspired, why everyone in Abel is now singing “Let It Go,” and all about the influx of citizens walking around with dilated eyes. 


Big shout out to Connor for landing the role of Dr. Dyckman. 

Also, Dana got a wee bit of an upgrade and no longer sounds robotic.  Also now with better sound (because perks of working at a radio station.)  Also yeah, she had to try on some frames because c’monnnn.

Hopefully more news to come.  Stay tuned and stay safe, listeners!

Music background courtesy of Chris Moyles.

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