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Megs no longer owns this tumblr. You now have to guess who does so she can win it back.

This is your first clue~

Gon’ Fishin

Hey guys,

In case you didn’t hear it on the morning show… I am giving up Tumblr (and complaining) for Lent.  So for the next 40 days… my art account (Flythyme) will be dormant, and my personal account (thymeflys) will be on autopilot with a few queue’d posts here and will be in the control of one of my friends so I can’t “cheat.”

If you would like to keep in contact me, hit me up for my skype name.

Wish me luck!  Happy Lent!


Playing around with Kazuki’s design for the Dewa Sanzan story… so he actually, you know, looks like a teenager.  Not too pleased with this one since his facial features look more Native American to me than Japanese… but it’s a start.    (Also his hair is tame here since I wanted to figure out his hairline… his hair is actually pretty messy in canon.)

So if anyone has pointers, they’ll be lovely!

Decided to revamp Teen!Tryn for the Statue at Dewa Sanzan story. 

Er… her hair iron broke? 


So… I’m kinda sorta eating 4 paczki live on the morning show tomorrow.   It’s been nice knowing you all.


"Where have you been hiding?  I ain’t leaving tonight without grinding against a hunk like you."

8I  *takes her pile of referenced panther images and gently crushes them against theangriestman’s face… while whispering over and over how sorry she is*


Bonus scene: I have no idea what is going on actually, I just have been itching to draw Jess and Kinga interacting but they’re such polar opposites, I got stumped.  So let’s just say Jess is trying to cut Kinga off and Kinga’s all “Pff, I’m a superhuman.  I’m just getting started.”  

Jess has terminal bitchface… I just… love characters with bitchy resting face.  ;u;

Also Kinga’s hair is now down because it’s easier to draw and I am actually a very lazy artist there was karaoke and King sang “Let it Go” and let her hair down queen Elsa style.

TW: Psychics


Kinga shows Rai and Lord V a cool trick: it’s called handling your emotions like a goddamn adult. :’D



Looks like Kinga found the gin.   Aaaaaaaaaand Louis’s butt.   Win win?

Ahhh sorry it’s so rushed looking, busy day at work and I just got home =u=b  AndnowIneedtogotobedsincewhoaaaworkat3amhello